Modern medications are potent and can lead to harmful side effects if taken inappropriately. It is important you be regularly reviewed while on medication to check for any possible side effects, to receive updates on whether it is still the best one for your condition and to remind you about interactions or new side effects warning with any other medication you may be taking.


If the patient is unable to pick up their script in person a small fee will be charged as Medicare does not pay for this service.


To maintain optimum continuity of care, if you have had a consultation at this Practice within the last 8 weeks then please phone Reception to request your medication and a time will be given for you to collect the prescription. Your doctor will see you briefly on arrival.



An important element of General Practice is the continuity of care. To ensure that you receive the best continuing care we need to see you before referring you to a Specialist.


Referrals will only be given to patients that we have seen. Please do not ask for a referral to be back-dated as this is an illegal process.


Your doctor may ask you to have some tests or visit a specialist for further treatment or advice. These specialists, radiology and pathology providers may have different billing arrangements to ours. It is essential that you check what costs are involved prior to having tests or being seen by a specialist.


Medical Certificates

These will not be issued for non-medical reasons apart from bereavement or family support. The patient must be seen at time of the illness to write a medical certificate.

They cannot be backdated as this is an illegal process.