Health Services

This Practice has provided healthcare services to our community since 2002 and is committed to providing high quality comprehensive care to you and your family. Our fully accredited practice offers an extensive range of health services.


All our Doctors have a broad range of skills and interests and we are pleased to offer the following services at our three locations:


Main Building | Purple House | Grant Central

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle can play a large role in determining risk for developing disease. We know that lifestyle factors, such as smoking, increased alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity and obesity contribute to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. We also know that it is possible to reverse the risk of developing disease by reducing these risk factors.


At Grant Street Clinic, we are passionate about preventative health – helping you to recognise your risk factors and helping you put strategies in place to improve your health.

Family and Children's Health Care

When it comes to the healthcare of your family and your children there should be no compromise on the quality and standard of care. Proper care, at different stages of life, ensures good physical and mental health.


Family care provided at Grant Street Clinic includes the physical, mental, emotional, social, behavioural and psychological care of your family members. Our practice is dedicated to providing your family with professional quality healthcare.

Child Care

Child care starts from conception and continues till adolescence. The primary goal of child care is the health and well-being of the child. Childhood is a complex stage of life and many factors influence the health and development of the child.


Proper physical and emotional care of the child, in early childhood, influences the growth and development of the child. Immunization, screening tests, early detection or early intervention of illness and management of any injuries helps the normal growth of the child.


Sick children are given a high priority at our practice and we will always try to assist on-the-day if their health need is urgent

3-4 Year Old Health Check

The health check is conducted by the practice nurse and GP, to ensure that every 4 year old in Australia has a basic check to ensure if they are healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school.


This also looks at early detection of lifestyle risk factors, delayed development and illness and then any early intervention strategies that are identified can be instigated.


The health check can be performed after the child has had their 4 year old vaccinations.


The nurse or GP will then follow a systematic check which includes vision, speech, dental health and hearing. We ask your child to hop, skip, jump and draw a picture to assess their gross and fine motor (movement) skills.

Adolescent Health

Being a teenager can be a confusing time and it helps to have a regular doctor you can trust. Our doctors can provide you with a range of health services specific to your needs and can be a great source of support outside of your family and friends.

45-49 Year Old Health Check

This Medicare funded comprehensive health check focuses on identifying and developing strategies for reducing risk factors for significant disease in the future. People often consider having this check when they turn 50 but it is Medicare funded from age 45 to 49.

50-74 Year Old Health Check

Our GPs’ believe that once a year you should have a dedicated consultation to address your preferences in preventative health care.


Using the RACGP Redbook Guidelines on preventative activities in General Practice, our GPs’ will review and manage your individual preferences for several medical issues. This may include issues such as Cardiovascular risk screening, screening for cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, vaccinations and Advanced Health Directives.


A subsequent consultation may be needed to follow-up any particular issues raised or results of any pathology testing.

Caring for our Seniors

It is a fact that as we age our risk of illness and disease increases.


If you are a senior, our aim is to keep you active, healthy and independent for as long as possible. If you are 75 years or older, we encourage you to have a comprehensive Senior Health Check every 12 months. This is an opportunity to review lifestyle factors such as nutrition, social interaction, physical activity, independence with daily living tasks, memory and cognitive function and falls risk. It is also an opportunity for the doctor to review your medications, health needs, and management goals.


Through identifying risks and difficulties early on, plans and strategies can be put in place to manage your health and well-being, keeping you safe, independent and healthier for longer. This is a health check that should generally be undertaken by the patient’s usual doctor, that is the GP (or GP working in the same practice) who has provided the majority of services to you in the past 12 months and/or who is likely to provide the majority of services for the following 12 months.


Sometimes a little help with home duties, going shopping or gardening is all that is needed; or maybe you need more assistance such as help with showering, medications or wound care. These are tasks that you can access through community care groups that you might not be aware that are available. It is through these health checks, that you and your GP can identify any needs or concerns you have regarding maintaining your independence at home.

Men's Health Check

Men are very busy people and don’t often make time to see a doctor unless they are very sick. Many men would prefer to see a male doctor about mens health issues and we have a number of experienced male doctors at our practice who offer a range of men’s health services


The purpose of the health check is to update your medical, family and social history and look at any potential health issues. It is a good time  to have an ECG and/or lung function test, and for the doctor to organise some blood tests to check your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, kidney and liver functions. If you have any problems regarding stress, depression, the prostate glands, testicular checks or any other health issues, now is the time to ask. Your GP or practice nurse can also assist with advice and information on how to make lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Women's Health Check

Grant Street Clinic Doctors are specialised in Women’s Health. We have a team of experienced female and male doctors to assist with your physical, emotional and mental well-being. We offer a comprehensive women’s health service utilising the latest technology to provide quality care.


The purpose of the health check is to update your medical, family and social history and look at any potential health issues. It is a good time  to have an ECG and/or lung function test, and for the doctor to organise some blood tests to check your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, kidney and liver functions. If you have any problems regarding stress, depression, pap smears, breast checks, menopause, contraception or any other health issues, now is the time to ask. Your GP or practice nurse can also assist with advice and information on how to make lifestyle changes to improve your health.


Our GPs’ are constantly updated on recent advancements in new and improved contraception methods because often the decision of what’s right for you needs careful discussion. We can provide everything from the newest generation contraception pills to the latest ‘treat and forget’ implants, and even insertion of IUD’s (Intra-Uterine Device and Mirena’) without the need to refer to a specialist.


Some of our GP’s are experienced in insertion and removal of Implanon implants, IUD’s and Mirena’s. In the case of IUD’s or Mirena, a long consultation is needed at least a week before the insertion procedure to adequately discuss this form of contraception and fully explain expectations and minimal risks. This visit also requires a gynaecological examination +/- Pap Smear and breast examination.  Fees for the procedure of inserting an IUD can be discussed before a booking is made. Removal of an IUD is simpler than a Pap Smear, and only needs to be booked as a Standard Consultation.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy care starts before you become pregnant and continues on into postnatal care once your baby is born. Health care advice, education and support is important in the pre-pregnancy stage as well as throughout your pregnancy If you choose, your GP can share in your pregnancy care right up until your birth date. Following your baby’s birth (usually 6 weeks later) your nurse and GP will review your baby’s health and development and also check your health and wellbeing.


It is important for new dads to be involved in this as well, because the addition of a new baby can be an equally stressful time for dads and it is important to make sure that their wellbeing is looked after too.


Ask your GP for one of our pregnancy packs:

  • Pre-Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy

Advance Care Directive

As part of the Advance Care Planning process, you may decide to write an Advance Care Directive.

An Advance Care Directive records your specific wishes about treatment options in the event of life-threatening illness or injury where you are not capable of expressing your wishes to your Doctor. It involves you, your loved ones and health professionals talking about your values and the type of health care you would want to receive if you became seriously ill or injured and were unable to say what you want.


An Advance Care Directive makes it easy for others to know what your wishes are when you are unable to make these decisions yourself. It can also give you peace of mind to know that your wishes are known and will be respected, if others need to make decisions for you.

Registered Nurses

Grant Street Clinic excellent registered nurses are integral to providing care for our patients. Our treatment rooms are fully equipped. Our Registered Nurses are involved in most of the above mentioned services.


They also provide care with:



Wound dressings

Ankle Brachial Index to screen for peripheral vascular disease

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring


All of our nurses are accredited to give immunisations for prevention of childhood illnesses. Additionally, flu and pneumonia vaccinations along with all adult travel vaccinations.


Nurses can provide information for parents regarding their children’s vaccinations. They will also be proactive in reminding parents and patients when their immunisations are due.

Travel Medicine

Whether you are travelling in Australia or abroad you need vaccines to help protect you against diseases that are not prevalent in Australia but are common in many countries overseas. At Grant Street Clinic, we provide full travel vaccine services. Our doctors are specialised in travel health as well as up to date travel vaccination advice. Our doctors recognise the distinctions between vaccination required by law for entry to a country, the specific precautions needed and the vaccinations recommended for general protection against diseases.


We are an Australian Government Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. If you are planning to travel, wherever your destination, simply book an appointment to discuss travel vaccination options with one of our specialist travel vaccination and medicine doctors. Please ensure you mention you are booking for travel medicine when speaking to our receptionists.

Annual Flu Vaccination

Flu season generally hits around our winter months. You can reduce your chances of catching the flu by having an annual flu vaccination. The annual flu vaccination offers protection against the most commonly occurring flu viruses circulating each year. Flu vaccinations are generally available from March or April each year.


The Australian Government provides the flu vaccination free of charge if you:

  • Are pregnant, or
  • Are 65 years and over, or
  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander,


  • Have a chronic condition that may put you at risk of respiratory illness


People of any age (including children) who do not fit the criteria for a free vaccination are able to book an appointment with one of our GPs’ to obtain a prescription. Contrary to some beliefs, having a flu vaccination will NOT give you the flu – the flu vaccination used in Australia does not contain any live virus, so you cannot get influenza from the flu vaccination.

Osteoporosis Health Check

Osteoporosis affects 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men over the age of 60. It is important to be aware of your bone health, as osteoporosis often has no symptoms until a fracture occurs. If you want to find out if you are at risk, speak to your GP or practice nurse.


There are many risk factors that may contribute to your developing osteoporosis.

  • Lifestyle; smoking, excessive alcohol intake, diet lacking in calcium and sedentary lifestyle over many years.
  • Age
  • Family history
  • Medical history; chronic liver or kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, early menopause in women, or low testosterone levels in men.


Management of osteoporosis, once diagnosed through a bone density test, involves lifestyle changes, medication to stop further bone loss and prevent fractures, and falls prevention measures, as falls can lead to fractures.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Check

The health check is available each year, to all persons who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, regardless of age.


Indigenous people have a higher incidence of illness and higher mortality rate than other Australians, therefore regular health checks should help to reduce or prevent serious illness by early detection and treatment.

  • The purpose of this health checks is to ensure all indigenous people receive optimum level of health care.
  • To encourage early detection and diagnosis of common and treatable diseases
  • To reduce the incidence of common and treatable diseases that cause considerable morbidity and early mortality.

Chronic Disease Management Plans

At Grant Street Clinic we have a strong focus on preventative care in chronic disease management, including addressing risk factors such as obesity, smoking and alcohol. We are proactive in working with patients by providing education on how best to manage chronic disease. The term ‘Chronic’ refers to the fact that a disease is expected to last a very long time…even for life (ie diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, heart or coronary artery disease, mental illness, autism,  osteoporosis, ADHD, terminal illness etc)


Many of our doctors at Grant Street Clinic have an interest in the management of all chronic diseases. Most patients can often live a long healthy life without needing to suffer excessively from their chronic disease.

GP Management Plan

All patients who suffer from a chronic disease qualify for a Medicare funded Chronic Disease Management Plan which can usually provide annual payments for most allied health services required to manage the condition. This GP Management Plan is a comprehensive document that sets out and enables evidence-based management of your chronic health and care needs. This plan can be done yearly with reviews every 3 months if needed.


The plan involves you meeting with the practice nurse first, for about 30 mins, to discuss your medical condition/s and work with you to set goals and tasks to meet these goals. You will then see the doctor to complete the plan and look at what you have identified as to medical problems and goals. You will receive a copy of this plan for your records. The doctor will see you in 3 months to review the goals and tasks and discuss any issues you have about the plan.

Team Care Arrangement Plan

This item is for patients with a chronic or terminal medical condition and who might require ongoing care from a team approach, which involves the GP and at least 2 other health care providers, such as a specialist, physiotherapist, dietician, diabetic educator or podiatrist. Once your usual GP (or a GP in the same practice) has coordinated the development of Team Care Arrangement by completing the relevant requirements, a rebate can be claimed through Medicare for Allied Health Services.


The service must include a personal attendance by the GP with you, but may be assisted by the practice nurse or other health professional in the practice.

Reviews of GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement Plan

Medicare funds reviews every 3 to 6 months for patients that have a GP Management Plan / Team Care Arrangement.


Your chronic care needs can be complicated and that is why we suggest reviews with a dedicated appointment for this. You will first be seen by our registered nurses followed by review with your GP.

Diabetic Care

Many of our doctors at Grant Street Clinic have a specific interest in the management of Diabetes. With diligent care, diabetic patients can often live a long healthy life without needing to suffer any of the debilitating complications.


Our doctors frequently engage in Continuing Medical Education and are constantly updated on recent advancements in the treatment of diabetes, and how to achieve the best results with minimal effects on your lifestyle.

Mental Health Treatment Plan

Wellbeing involves not only good physical health but also mental health. Your GP is often your first point of call in addressing any mental health concerns and can provide a range of services in addition to referring you to a psychologist.


The GP Mental Health Treatment Plans are for patients with a mental disorder who would benefit from a structured approach to the management of their treatment needs. Mental disorder is a term used to describe a range of clinically diagnosable disorders that significantly interfere with an individual’s thinking, behaviour, socialisation and emotions. These disorders can vary from stress and minor depression to conditions such as bipolar and schizophrenia.


The treatment plan involves a discussion between your doctor and you regarding assessment, your needs, goals and actions, referrals and required treatment/services, and review date. Your or your doctor might suggest a referral to any of the following services, a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, an appropriately trained GP or allied health professional for further management of your disorder.


Medicare benefits are available for up to 10 mental health services per eligible patient, per calendar year, to help with the cost of attending these health professionals.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Australia with 50% of Australians expected to have at least one skin cancer by the time they turn 80. Most are not life-threatening but can be disfiguring if not treated early. The good news is it can be prevented. The majority of skin cancers if detected early can be successfully treated and cured.


Melanoma is a life-threatening skin cancer. It is the Number one cancer in the under 40’s and the third commonest cancer in those over 40. It is recommended that you have a professional skin check every 12 months. All of our practices have doctors who specialise in this area. Whilst the majority of skin cancers are found on the head, face, back, arms and legs, they can appear on any part of the body.


The main cause of skin cancer is UV radiation from the sun. Risk factors include:

  • Fair skin and freckles
  • Light-coloured red hair
  • Moles on your body
  • Family history of skin cancer
  • Spent a lot of time outdoors


We provide the full range of surgical treatments that can be performed under local anaesthetic. These include biopsies for diagnosis, simple removal of skin cancers and skin flaps. We recommend a comprehensive skin examination, not just looking at a spot that may be of concern to you. Early detection is important so book your skin cancer check today!


Steps you can take to prevent skin cancer are:

  • Slip on clothes with sleeves and collar
  • Slop on broad-spectrum, water resistant 30+ sunscreen before going into the sun
  • Slap on a broad brimmed hat
  • Seek shade when you are outdoors
  • Slide on sunglasses that meet the Australian standard

Pre-Employment Medicals

We guarantee a professional medical service and tailored assessments suited to company specific requirements. Our doctors regularly perform a range of pre-employment medical assessments for many local and national employers. The doctors at Grant Street Clinic understand that pre-employment medical examinations are an integral component for employers, and are committed to delivering only the highest quality services.


Our pre-employment medical examination services include:

  • Standard Medical Examinations
  • Drug and alcohol screening (referred services)
  • ECG and Spirometry services onsite
  • Audiogram (referred services)
  • Referrals for lab testing/pathology and x-rays
  • Ability to work with your company’s specific paperwork and requirements
  • Same day paperwork turn around for completed assessments (once payment has been finalised)

"Ferrinject" Iron Transfusion

For iron deficiency anaemia.