Consultations are by appointment only. Each day we schedule a number of appointments which are available in the event of emergencies. Our mission is to keep waiting times to a minimum. If there is an unforeseen delay, we will endeavour to contact you prior to your arrival.


For all three locations phone 6686 2535 to make an appointment with the doctor of your choice.


Urgent matters are those which you feel cannot wait for a routine appointment. Examples are sick children, infections, injuries, and painful conditions.


New Patients are Welcome

We strive to run on time!

Your Choice of Doctor

We are committed to continuity of care and therefore encourage you to see the same doctor. We will endeavour to find you an appointment with your usual doctor, If this is not possible we will make every effort to ensure you can be seen by another doctor at the practice.


As your Medical Home, with an established long-term relationship with you, we are best equipped to care for your medical and health needs. Consequently even if you are unable to see your usual doctor we highly recommend booking an appointment with another doctor at the practice.

Long Appointments

We schedule our appointments according to time needed. If you have more than one issue to be dealt with in your consultation, please notify staff at the time of booking that you require a longer appointment ie. Annual check-up, Pap Smear, insurance or Workcover medicals, complicated medicals or emotional issues please tell us at time of booking.


This not only keeps the Doctor running to time, but also ensures the patients following you are not inconvenienced as well. Please advise the reception staff if other members of the family need to consult the doctor at the same time as this allows the doctor to deal with each matter.

New Patients

We welcome new patients to the Practice. It is essential that the doctor is provided with your accurate and up to date personal health information in order to provide you with personalised health care advice.For an initial appointment it is recommended that new patients arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the booked appointment time in order to register and complete a personal health information questionnaire.


Our staff will be happy to assist new patients to select a doctor appropriate to their needs.

Click here to fill out a New Patient Form

Appointment Times

  • Standard appointments are booked at 15 minute intervals. This will usually be adequate to deal with a single health issue.
  • When attending for an appointment please advise the reception staff on your arrival.
  • Patients can request their preferred doctor.
  • Priority appointments will always be provided for emergencies, sick children and same day urgent reviews.


Emergencies do arise from time to time, and these will be given priority. If your condition is of an urgent matter, please notify the reception staff on your arrival. Click here to find out more.

Waiting Times

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. We are very aware of the importance of our patients’ time and our doctors, nurses and receptionists will try at all times to adhere to appointment schedules. We know you will appreciate the unpredictable nature of medicine and the fact that at times we need to attend to emergency situations which may be life threatening. In these situations, and others, we may try to alert you to these potential delays as they occur.


Standard appointments are booked at 15 minute intervals and are designed to thoroughly deal with one problem at a time. Delays can often occur due to a range of reasons which include: unexpected phone calls from other doctors / health workers regarding sick patients, earlier consultations running overtime because insufficient time was booked, extra family members being squeezed into appointments and many others.


We respectfully request that patients be on time for their appointments, as this can delay others after you.

Home Visits

Medical consultations are usually more productive in the clinic where computerised records and medical equipment are readily available. In some situations home visits may be required. If you need a home visit mention this to reception and this will be passed on to your doctor. If a home visit is appropriate it can be arranged if you live in the local area and are a regular patient of the practice. A fee will apply.

Cancelled and Missed Appointments

It is requested that appointments be cancelled at least 2 working hours prior to the appointment by calling the practice on 6686 2535.  Appointments cancelled within 2 hours, or failure to attend an appointment will incur a cancellation fee of $30. This applies to both phone and online bookings.


This time is valuable to all of us. If you fail to attend appointments without warning, or explanation, this practice may not be able to offer you booked appointments in the future.